I own 2 of these both dvus models, which are part of the dv series The colors of the glossy screen really stand out in comparison to a matte display, and the accompanying reflection has not bothered me. The HP Pavilion dvt performs admirably in all fields, with only a few issues that may or may not concern an individual buyer. When running under external power, this pause disappears. On battery power, this sound reduces to nearly silent.

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The bit T runs paviplion cores at 2. Personally, I find that somewhat strange, but it does work better now. This defect was actually a manufacturer recall, but since most people never send in the warrantee information, they were never notified of the recall, which expired after one year.

HP Pavilion dv6500

Vista took 58 seconds to reach the desktop during a cold boot, including several seconds for fingerprint verification and log-on. The mute button turns orange when activated, as does the icon above the touchpad when disabled via a hard button. Nearly all ports are on the left; only a USB port, the optical drive, the express card slot, and the power connection on the right.

I am pleased with the apparent quality of the dvt, but only time will truly tell how it fares. My one complaint is the lag in opening folders in the Start menu under battery power.


While word processing and moving a few files around, with wireless pavollion and screen brightness at a lower but acceptable level, the battery lasted 4 hours and 1 minute. Running a demo of Armed Assault requires most settings turned down to medium for a smooth experience. HP Pavilion sv6500 I own 2 of these both dvus models, which are part of the dv series HP’s latest Pavilion PCs are built for gamers on a budget. The benchmarks and battery test below show first-rate processing ability and improved efficiency.

This item doesn’t belong on this page. If you need a ho laptop with outstanding performance without giving up battery life, this should be on your short list. All vent openings are placed on the back and bottom.

HP Pavilion dvus Notebook PC – Product Specifications | HP® Customer Support

The left center of the bottom also warms up during normal use, but not enough to become uncomfortable. HP hopes its new all-in-one PCs are style icons. The caps-lock and number-lock keys have blue lights beside each of them to indicate activation.

The 6-cell lasted for about 3 hours while watching a DVD with the screen at half brightness. There is a noticable amount of warmth and noise despite the number of vents on the bottom and back of the dvt. The plethora of shortcuts seems designed well and with the end-user in mind. The touchpad, of all places, remains warmer than the surroundings whenever the laptop is on. If you want us to review it drop us a line and we just might bump it to the front of our reviews queue.


Design and form factor. This arrangement does allow some of the vents on the bottom to be blocked without completely obstructing the air flow.

Samsung Chromebook 3 Front view with IR receiver, microphone in, and dual headphone ports. A click sound accompanies a press, but this feature can be turned off in the BIOS.

This defect can be fixed cheaply if you’re good with a screwdriver and a heat gun, and there are many tutorials on the internet on how to fix this defect yourself don’t do the bake in the oven trick, as it will cause other problems. Light leakage fv6500 undetectable. Finally, three small lights in the bottom left corner show power, charging state, and drive activity. The case does not heat up beyond d6v500 I would call warm during even intense operation.

This laptop comes with a minimum of bloatware, and I thank HP for that. HP Pavilion dv

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