Lord of Destruction What to do with an etherial steeldriver? Seems like The Minotaur might be no less useful than Steeldriver, and is definitely attractive for boss fights. I still have all respecs open, so I can switch to Axe Mastery if needed. Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password? Both weapons will give way to runewords in the end, it seems. More topics from this board TheDarkSide , Aug 27,

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upped Steeldriver

Really, anything you have the strength to wear upped is worth it. But it would be if it is all you really have. And then stupid Revolver Jesus had to come and screw everything up Ohh how I love the ribcraxxor!!!! On the rest of your message: But my sorcs merc could use this too as he has a piece of crap weapon. I also hope I’ll get some more PB bases for good runewords.

As for weapons, some lower items still have some usage after an upgrading like the Steeldriver. If you were to upgrade the weapon, the level requirement would be over level A simple oath is much better. Now I need to get to level 54 and up this bad boy and Ill be having some real fun. If that is the case then go for it. Btw this is in ladder. Epsilon EyezAug 28, Should I wait till hell to upgrade it to its elite form and then stick a zod rune on it?


SP Concentrate Barb – upped Steeldriver or The Minotaur? : diablo2

Log In Sign Up. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Sandstorm Trek is an elite item and can’t be upped. Want to add to the discussion? Feb 17, Messages: For the other weapons, a simple insight in the thresher can be great even if you dont need the mana regen because insight also does a lot of damage steeldrivre itself and is very cheap.

Well I searched and found that it can be upped to an elite thundermaul that takes strength. It is hard to judge though when comparing the damage listed steeldrivrr weapons due to differences in attack speed.

Also as steeldrivdr 40 ias already would a shael be ok or better going with a damage jewel? Any ideas on the endgame runewords there?

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I don’t really want to make a Whirlwind Barb, but it’s not a strict “no-no” – rather curious about other, non-cookie cutter possibilites. Sign Up for free or Log In if you already have an account to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts.

Keep me logged in on this device. Jvstm Jvstm 9 years ago 10 eth arreats if its close to perfect, and a eth version of that unique dimensional blade forgot name to lazy to look up Ginther’s Rift Also, Lycander’s is a nice weapon uppedd upgrade. Perhaps switch to Minotaur for bosses because the CB can help a lot for them.

More topics from this board So the question is – upped ribcracker or bonehew for a rabid fury ww? I upped Kelpie on my Javazon and her merc is still using it.

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